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more action. the head of the foreign affairs will head to china. japanese diplomats say he'll call on the chinese to help adopt a new u.n. security council resolution, authorizing more sanctions against north korea. he's also expected to ask to persuade north korean authorities not to conduct anymore nuclear or missile tests. the problem is chinese leaders urge their allies to hold off on the test, but president north koreans did it anyway. now some people in china want their government to rethink their relationship. here's more from beijing. >> reporter: north korea conducted the nuclear test while people in china were celebrating the lunar new year. a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry criticized the action. >> translator: we have released a strong statement regarding north korea's nuclear test. we have made it clear that china is resolutely opposed to this kind of action. >> reporter: this footage was shot in a city in northeast china. people can be seen strolling and going about their business across the border in north korea. the close proximity of the two countries rai
on a japanese vessel. they say the incident happened last week near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. defense ministry officials say last wednesday the crew of a chinese frigate directed fire control radar on a self-defense force destroyer. the ships were about three kilometers apart. the officials say the crew of a chinese frigate directed the same kind of radar last month at a japanese helicopter. officers used fire-control raid tore lock on to objects at which missiles can be fired. the chinese did not launch any missiles. still, japanese defense ministry officials say the incident was extremely unusual. diplomats lodged a protest with chinese authorities. defense officials are trying to find out who made the decision to lock on. now, the u.s. state department spokesperson expressed her concern over the incident. >> actions such as this escalate tensions and increase the risk of an incident or a miscalculation, and they could undermine peace, stability, and economic growth in this vital region. so we are concerned about it.
>>> rough seas. ships from china and japan keep up their patrols in the waters between them as officials on land spar over whether chinese navy crews aim their weapons radar at japanese forces. welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo. japanese and chinese authorities are asserting two different versions of what happened last month between their forces in the east china sea. officials in tokyo maintain that chinese naval ships used fire controlled radar against the japanese self-defense force. but china's defense ministry has issued a statement denying that ever happened. the statement refers to two separate incidents. on january 19th, it admits that crews on a chinese frigate tracked a helicopter because it approached their vessel. in the second case on january 30th, the statement says a chinese ship monitored an sdf destroyer that was following it at close range. but the statement denies chinese crews used fire controlled radar in either instance. it says officials in tokyo released false reports without confirming the facts with their counterparts in beijing. a
nowhere. china defense ministry issued a statement denying reports that they used fire-control radars in the east china sea. the statement refers to two separate incidents on january 19th. it admits crews on chinese frigate tracked a japanese helicopter because it approached their vessel. in the second case on january 30th the statement says a chinese ship monitored a destroyer that was following it at close range. but the statement denies chinese crews used fire-control radar in either instance pinpoint says officials in tokyo released false reports without confirming the facts with their counterparts in beijing. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry also denied japan's claim. >> translator: the departments have published the true facts. the japanese claims are complete fabrication. >> later on friday japan's vice sworn summoned china's minister to protest the denials. he's going to reinvestigate the case. >>> security analysts in asia and elsewhere have been tracking the twists and turns of this story. former japan self-defense navy captain gave us his take on what china's
institutions and weapons trading. it is not clear how china, the north's only major ally, will react to the proposed tougher measures, as china has resisted these in the past. recently, beijing seems to be increasingly frustrated with north korea's new leader. when north korea launched a long-range missile in december, china initially opposed the idea of sanctioning in north korea, but china ended up supporting the move after negotiating with the u.s. some diplomats point out that china decided that compromising with the u.s. would benefit the country more in the long run instead of defending north korea. u.n. secretary-general ban ki moon said today that the nuclear test is a direct challenge to the security council, and it is absolutely essential that the council act and speak with one voice. we will have to see what happens in the process of consultations among members, especially between the u.s. and china, which hold the keys to the negotiations. >> thanks very much. miki ebara in new york. now, north korean leaders seem to be ignoring warnings -- authorities in pyongyang have t
they both claim. first time they confirm china has done this to an sdf ship. gonodera just spoke about it. >> translator: using this so-called radar, weapons radar, is an extraordinary act. the japanese government believes that the situation could have gotten extremely dangerous. >> >> he says they laj aid protest with chi noose ministry. he revealed it happened on january 30th in international waters. he says the vessels were about three kilometers apart. he says defense ministry analysts are investigating a separate incident from earlier in january. they suspect a chinese navy frigget trained its weapons on a self-defense helicopter. japan and china have wenlocked in a dispute over the senkaku islands. china and taiwan claim the territory. the japanese government nationalized the islands last september. chinese surveillance ships have been navigating in and around or out of japanese waters near the territory ever since. the area around the islands is believed to be rich in natural resources. the disagreement has affected diplomatic relations and trade. >>> security analysts are trying t
waters and to establish order based on law and not force. at the same time, the relationship with china is one of the most important for japan. >> reporter: japan is locked in a territorial dispute with south korea over the takashima islands in the sea of japan. abe sent deputy prime minister taro aso to talk with the president. he sent president mori to russia last week to begin longstanding talks with russia. abe will meet later this year with vladimir putin to discuss the territories which are controlled by russia and claimed by japan. abe and obama agreed to cooperate on another source of concern. they said they'll work through the u.n. secretary council on tougher sanctions in north korea. they have urged leaders in pyongyang to stop the provocation, however, those leaders have already signalled their intentions to defy those warnings. president obama indulged the japan-u.s. alliance the central foundation for allegiance security. abe agreed it worked to their mutual benefit. >>> china's leaders were paying close attention to abe's visit, and they didn't like what they heard. a gov
is strategic for chichn it imports crude oil from the north. >> it gives importance to china-pakistan relations. >> the chinese ambassador says much of china remains unstable. they must take advantage when they see openings. >> to seize opportunities. >> chise companies were recent involved in a series of port projects in myanmar. the entrance into pakistan has raised concerns in india. >>> people in many parts of china say the clouds of smog they have seen for weeks make it harder to breathe. scientists say particles in the air could damage people's health. researchers studied samples from the atmosphere over beijing and two other areas. they detected a harmful compound when exposed to sunlight. chinese people have just come back from celebrating the lunar new year. their cars are pumping out more exhaust and factories are spewing their own emissions. >> translator: i have a sore throat already. i know pollution is serious out here. >> translator: i can't stand going outside with mask out. >> experts say government officials and businesseaders mu act they are calling for tighter controls on ve
our concern at the highest level about cyber threats from china including the involvement of the military. >> china's defense ministry has dismissed the u.s. allegations as groundless. the state-run news agency quote ad defense ministry spokesperson as saying the military has never been involved in online espionage. he said china is a victim of cyber attacks because the ip addresses are often stolen and misused. many attacks come from the united states but china has never blamed the u.s. >>> people who work for u.s. computer giant apple say hackers hit them too. the attack resembles one of employees of facebook. spokespersons for apple said some employees visited a site for software developers. they infected their computer. the spokesperson said no user data got out. technicians have started distributing software to detect and delete the malicious software. apple managers say they are cooperating with the fbi to identify those responsible. >>> a japanese man has won a top u.s. award for helping make cell phones possible. the prize is seen as the nobel of engineering. he is
china sea. chinese and japanese vessels were navigate ago way from the islands at the time. analysts say both sides may have been seeking to avoid escalating tensions around the islands. officials with japan's defense ministry say that june 30th, a chinese frigate locked weapons targeting on a destroyer. the two ships were reportedly 3 kilometers apart. a japanese helicopter from another destroyer is also believed to have been a targeted by fire control radar from a different chinese frigate on january 19th. the ship was reportedly a few kilometers away. patrol ships of the japan coast guard are assigned to waters near the senkaku islands. china repeatedly sends its surveillance vessels into the area. >>> japan's prime minister is calling what happened at sea regrettable. shinzo abe says this kind of action could trigger unexpected consequences. >> translator: it's deplorable that china carried out this one sided provocative action. just as our countries were working towards holding talks to improve our strained ties. >> abe said he'll urge chinese leaders to prevent this kind of thing f
governments on monday that they would go forward with the test. >>> officials in china's foreign ministry issued a statement strongly protesting the test. they criticize their allies and pyongyang for ignoring repeated calls to abandon their plans. nhk world reports from beijing. >> reporter: chinese leaders have made it clear that they oppose the test. communist leader says he wants the key reyan peninsula to be stable. north korea may be a traditional ally but chinese leaders say the nuclear program as a threat to their national security. but they also oppose tougher sanctions. they believe joining the u.s., japan and other countries in pushing for more sanctions would further isolate the north. at the same time, north korean leaders have not responded to china's call for an early resumption of the six-party talks on the north's nuclear program. the talks have been stalled for more than four years. chinese officials maintain that the talks are the only way to achieve a peaceful and nonnuclear korean peninsula. they may find themselves in a difficult position as international pressure is
. and they say the groups conducting these activities are based primarily in china and they say the chinese government is aware of them. the analysts say a group known as apt1 has targeted nearly 150 victims over seven years, institutions and companies around the world. they concluded that the group is likely government sponsored. they traced apt1 to four computer networks in shanghai. the analysts linked two of the networks to a unit of the people's liberation army. unit commanders are said to recruit students with computer skills who are fluent in english. their believed to have recruited several hundred to several thousand members. u.s. law enforcement officials have launched a campaign to crack down on those stealing trade secrets. >> as critical technologies have advanced, criminals have adapted accordingly. our need to keep pace with these changes remains imperative and the stakes have never really been higher. >> reporter: chinese government officials say they are not involved. they say many of the attacks come from the u.s. >> translator: china has also been targeted by hackers. it'
in mid-january. japa controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. >> translator: it's extremely regrettable that such a unilateral provocative action has been taken. we will strongly urge the chinese to exercise restraint and not make the situation any worse. >> a spokesperson said she learned about the incident through the media. japanese government officials say the chinese are trying to give the impression they're not behind the incidents. >>> the u.s. defense secretary says it could have had grave consequences. l leon panetta says it could inflame intentions. >> they have to be part of family of nations in that region working gether. >> panetta said the united states, south korea and japan will do everything possible to ensure their territories are secu secure. he called on china to avoid antagonizing other nations. the former secretary of state said u.s. officials oppose any unilateral moves aimed at undermining japan's control. >>> as north korea prepares to test another nuclear weapon, t south's top military commander has warned that yan may be trying to develop a hydroge
issue. >> he said china is also a victim of cyber attacks. he said most of them originate in the u.s. "the new york times" reported in january that hackers based in china had gained access to its computers. she said they used methods associated with the chinese military. >>> a gunman has gone on a shooting rampage in southern california. he killed three people and wounded at least two others before turning a gun on himself. the man shot and killed a woman in the town of ladera ranch in orange county. he fled the scene and carjacked several vehicles, killing two more people. at one point he started firing shots at passing cars. the man made his way through a number of communities before police closed in. then the man got out of the vehicle and shot himself. police are trying to find out what might have set the man off. >>> i know this is not the first time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence. but this time is different. >> president obama has seen one mass shooting after another during his time in office. but he said the attack in december on an elementary school in
is looking forward to what abe has to say. he said obama is eager to hear about a dispute with china. abe is meeting obama for the first time since he moved back into the prime minister's office two months ago. they are expected to discuss a free trade deal, the alliance between their countries and the push for united nations sanctions on north korea. obama wants to hear abe's take on the dispute over the senkaku islands. japan nationalized the islands in december. china and taiwan claim them. it's in the interest of the obama administration to have the dispute solved in a peaceful manner. prime minister abe is planning to visit russia before the end of the year to meet with the president. when he does another dispute, another issue will be on the agenda. russia control tgs islands and japan claims them. >> translator: this is an important year to build a new relationship. i hope it paves the way for abe's visit. >> mori delivered a letter from abe. putin said he, too, hoped for better things ahead. >> translator: i'm looking forward to meeting with prime minister abe. i hope it will lead
pollution exceeded national standards for 27 days in january. people across china have their own opinions on what needs to be done. academics and residents shared some ide i beijing. the group friends of nature hosted the debate. one par tticipant called for tighter control. another said the government should crackdown on companies that ignore environmental laws. they plan to submit proposals next month. >> translator: we want to the government to be transparent. >> the pollution has turned out company in beijing.y for one the firm is selling cans of fresh air for about 75 cents a piece. the manager says the air comes from another province. he says the cans are selling well. >>> senior officials from japan and russia are trying to resolve the things that divide them. they found common ground in an area of mutual concern. they met in moscow for the japan-russia strategic dialogue. the scope of the discussion went well beyond their two countries. japan's vice foreign minister met with the deputy foreign minister. the diplomats agreed to work together to encourage the north koreans to exerci
in the south china sea. >>> south korea's next leader is calling people to come together with strategies in dealing with north korea. military leaders in pyongyang are claiming to carry out another nuclear test. >> translator: now is the time for both ruling and opposition parties to unite and call on north korea to stop its reckless behavior. >> park met with the leader of the opposition democratic united party and the party, hwang woo-yea. they promised to work together. park will be sworn in later this month. she said further nuclear tests head of the ruling could hurt efforts by the south's new government to rebuild trust with the north. they're trying to use their influence with pyongyang. officials say wanted pass along the request that the north koreans exercise restraint and he reportedly dismissed the demands. >>> populous. prosperous. pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health and disputes at sea strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." >>> o
is prompting people to consider electric vehicles. beijing automotive group is one of china's five biggest automakers. it has ties with foreign companies such as daimler and hyundai. it is now stepping up its output of electric vehicles. this brand can produce 20,000 units a year. it has already sold 50 vehicles to a local taxi company and is setting up battery charging stations in the city. although the recharging process takes over six hours, the cars can run nearly 100 kilometers on a single charge. so far, electric vehicles have not caught on as much as in the west. >> translator: eco-friendly cars have only just arrived in china. so people don't know about them or they think they're expensive. >> reporter: the beijing automaker has set up a facility where people can find out about electric vehicles and how they contribute to protecting environment. the company also has plans to develop vehicles running on ethanol and natural gas. generally, a forum on eco-friendly vehicle was held in china to discuss the promotion of electric cars. the main focus of the meeting was how to reduce produ
the vessel used navigational radar and not fire controlled radar. japan controls the territory. china and taiwan claim it. former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the obama administration opposing any unilateral action. her successor, john kerry, supports that position. >>> rebels in syria are making important strides. it provides electricity to aleppo and other northern cities. the rebels have surrounded a aleppo airport and other places around the country. they launched a major attack. they are vowing to liberate the capital damascus. they are worried civil war may be spilling across the border. it killed 12 people and damaged vehicles taking aid supplies to syria. >>> european authorities are investigating several firms in connection with a meat labeling scandal. food safety regulators are looking into the possibility someone deliberately switched beef for horse meat because it's cheaper to produce. officials in britain and ireland studied frozen lasagnes and hamburgers sold this year in supermarkets. the british regulators found 60% of the meat used in lasagne was from
espionage and cyber attacks from people in china. he listed several cases in which chinese nationals were convicted of stealing trade or secrets. president barack obama expressed his worries last week in his state of the union. he said what he called enemies are trying to sabotage the power grid, financial institutions and air traffic control systems. obama signed a new executive order to strengthen cyber defenses. officials said last year that the number of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure has ren draticl dramatically. they reported 198 cases in 2011. only nine two years earlier. >>> japanese and chinese officials have not seen eye to eye over the past few months but two diplomats have found some common ground. they agreed to cooperate on the nuclear program in north korea. shinsuke met in beijing with a special envoy for korean peninsula wu dawei. north korean scientists conducted a nuclear test last week. he said the test and rocket launch in december cannot be condoned. he asked chinese officials in pyongyang to exercise greater restraint. >> japan has high expectations
the east china sea. china and taiwan claim it. he says his administration would respond calmly to china's challenges and noted the u.s.-japan alliance acts as a stabilizing factor. both governments issued a statement on the u.s.-led negotiations for the trans pacific partnership free trade agreement. they say japan or any other nation that joins the negotiations will not be required to promise to eliminate all tariffs. abe is under pressure from japanese farmers to stay out of the tpp. before he left, he made another decision. he decided to send a representative to an annual ceremony pro moting the claim of the islands. south korea controls the territory. >> translator: it goes without saying that takeshima is an inherent part of japanese territory. it's a critical issue involving the sovereignty of our country. >> 19 lawmakers attended the ceremony in shimane prefecture. the prefectural government designated february 22nd as takeshima day eight years ago. japan incorporated the islands as part of shimane on that date in 1905. south korean citizens marked february 22nd as well, with a d
'll see where china takes us when they open over the next hour. the japanese government aims to double its consumption tax rate over the next year and a half but that will likely not be enough the turn around the country's finances and that's due to balloons social security and debt servicing costs. the finance ministry calculation suggest the government must cut spending if the budget deficit is to be reduced. the estimate shows tax revenue will surge to over $600 billion fiscal 2016. that will be the first year with a tax rate of 10%. the increase in tax revenue is estimated at more than $150 billion compared to fiscal 2012. expenditure is expected to soar by more than $150 billion by 2016. officials say the decline in corporate output has bottomed out. the quarterly report is released by the cabinet office. it says falling output of automobiles and components for smartphones has hit bottom thanks to recovering exports. the report also cites steady consumer spending led by strong sales of winter clothing in colder than average weather. it's the first time in more than ten years the cabin
in southern china. four tourists decide and three others were injured. a couple of years earlier a balloon exploded immediately after taking off in the suburbs of vancouver, canada. to people died and 11 others were injured. and in 1995 strong winds forced a hot air balloon into the sea off the coast of new zealand. three of the nine people on board died. >>> italian election officials say no clear front-runner has emerged in national elections. the center-left coalition is projected to win a majority in the lower house of parliaments but results in the upper house were less certain. the country could be headed for political gridlock, raising concerns about the next leader's ability to tackle a number of economic problems. political analysts said the election amounted to a referendum on austerity measures imposed by the current government. officials have counted almost all of the ballots for the lower house. under election laws the political group with the most votes is given enough seats to claim a majority in that chamber. government officials say the center-left coalition captured 29.5%
meters into a gully. china central television quotes a local official saying nine people were killed and at least 11 injured. it says a search and rescue operation is under way but is being hampered by poor visibility caused by fog. police are investigating the cause of the explosion. >>> taiwan's premier is stepping down in the face of growing public frustration with the nomination of jo. chen announced he is announcing due to health problems and he assumed the post after ma ying-jeou was elected. he was expected to use of his economic expertise. he served as a finance official and head of the supervisory commission. but taiwan's economic growth dropped due to the euro zone debt problems and the slowdown of the chinese economy. the administration is being criticized for delaying a reform of the pension system that favors retired civil servants and military personnel. three weeks ago about 90,000 people took part in a rally organized by the largest opposition democratic progressive party. the support for president ma has fallen to 13%. a vice premier is expected to analyst replace ch
visibility caused by fog. china says 26 people are dead. police are investigate judging the cause of the explosion. >>> sharp may be following the foot steps of some recent companies. ron madison is here to explain the story. >> rough days for some electronics makers. many are staging come backs. sharp is one of these companies. the struggling maker said it posted its first profit in the final three moves last year. sharp executives say operating profit between october and december totalled about $28 million. that came largely from higher than tar get sales of crystal television sets and smartphones. the company set up a goal to start posting profits in the second half of this fiscal year that ends in march. that was a condition for firm to don't receive financial support from its main banks. the managing direct orsaid the company will make speedy efforts to restructure. he also says the company will continue to consider selling it's overseas plants and receive investment from taiwanese electronics giant. that will be part of its further turn around attempt. >>> meanwhile panasoni
islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claims them. he said the crew directed its weapons radar at a japanese destroyer, but they did not train artillery at the ship, said it's not clear if the chinese crew had removed the safety device on the artillery. >>> north korea appears to be preparing for a third nuclear test in defiance of international condemnation across the border in south korea, president-elect park kun-le has rallied to warn pyongyang to not go ahead with its plans. >> translator: now is the time for both ruling and opposition parties to unite and call on north korea to stop its reckless behavior. >> park met with a senior member of the largest opposition democratic united party and ahead of the ruling party. the incoming president said any further tests could hurt efforts by the south's new government to rebuild the trust with the north. park and the two lawmakers agreed to work closely to protect south korea's national security during the transition to the new government. she'll be sworn in on february 25th. >>> imagine having cutting-
the west. we have an area of rain over southern china. that will be intensifying and head towards the east like the one we saw yesterday. inland snow isikely across much of japan and also coastal rain showers. rain is also pounding western japan as well. out towards the west and dry km conditions. to the north the philippines will be scattered with thunderstorms. temperatures are looking like this. seasonally high in bangkok. 21 in hong kong with rain showers still warming up to 5 degrees. quite seasonal temperatures and tokyo at 10 degrees. that's about two degrees cler than today. around north america conditions are looking up in the deep south. the drier conditions are on the cars for you but the low pressure system is moving along the eastern seaboard producing rain and snow showers. by thursday your valentine's day conditions will be improved. unfortunately, couples in the florida peninsula may have to stay inside because stormy weather will continue to batter this area into your saturday. up towards the north blowing snow conditions are moving into the great lakes region. up to 20 ce
will continue in northern japan after 40 centimeters of snow is likely. much of china will stay dry even rain showers in the south will be dissipating by this afternoon. thunder showers and mostly dry. a high of 35 degrees here. 32 in around north america, rain is continuing in the florida peninsula. rain will continue for the next couple of days. the eastern half of the great lakes region low pressure affect southern quebec as well as new england states. out towards the west another area of snow is affecting the central rockies including denver. the main story will be a significant cooldown. for example in chicago you saw 4 degrees during the daytime hours on your thursday. cooling down to minus 3 on your friday and below zero on your saturday as well. even miami very hot on friday but going down about ten degreeses on sunday. social security quite frigid for this location. heavy snow and windy conditions but a mixture of rain and snow in western continent tapering off throughout the day. down towards the south a series of low pressure system is moving across the east over the mediterranean
are being sent to china through fake marriages. vietnamese officials report brokers for prostitution and forced lorse more sophisticated cunning tricks that make the true situation difficult to assess. the representatives recognize the need to crack down on trafficking rings and help victims return to their countries. they also acknowledge the importance of closer international cooperation. >> translator: more people are crossing borders in the region. so i believe it is very important for to us cooperate, to build a legal framework to prevent human trafficking. >> asean plans to form an economic community by 2015 which is sure to increase cross-border economic trade. member countries hope to have human trafficking countermeasures in place as soon as possible. >>> myanmar is home to more than 130 ethnic groups. one japanese photographer has dedicated himself to documenting minority groups in the country. now he's sharing his photo collection with the public. nhk world's toshiyuki terazawa >> reporter: the pplesn the title of ts photo book refers to the diverse ethnic groups in myanma
's going change in the horizon. into southern china we have a station jae boundary that's developing up here. bringing freezing rain across much of the area on thursday west of shanghai. but that storm system starts to develop and pull off towards the east by thursday evening. you'll start to see rain across tokyo on friday. doesn't look like it will be rather unsettled by the end of the work week. weekend should be clearing up. for the time being expect those rain showers. high pressure dominates the rest of the not. bay sing 4. ulan batur minus 3. now let's look over towards europe. we have two storm systems on tap. one moving across the british isles and another one here in italy moving through into the balkans. italy you've been pound by this storm. it has been persisting for some time now. it's starting to move off towards the south and eventually into the east. cy -- sicily you're seeing rain. balkans you're seeing snow. wind warnings in effect as this continues to push offshore. unfortunately that's the winds rushing but the system itself is not moving anywhere very fast into gre
will develop out of china, bringing rainfall and eventually work its way off there towards japan by early next week. to the tropics. relatively quiet. temperatures in the 30s. going into sunday and monday watch out in the southern philippines, does look like a low pressure area will work its way in and bring heavy rainfall and chance of flooding in the valleys. over towards the americas we're watching high pressure really dominating much of the central portion of the country. the jet stream continuing to dip down. the base of the jet stream bringing rainfall around orlando, miami, both of these airports are calling for some low cloud cover accompanied by showers in the vicinity. very well could see some airport delays if you plan to fly in or out of here. the system will be doing something else. as the jet stream continues to dip down it will pick up and pull it off towards the northwest on saturday going sunday. sunday evening notifying the canadian maritimes. this looks like a similar track we saw a week ago but not because it will be remaining just offshow, lere. all that cold air coming in
the weather is coming from is out of china. we have one storm system out of another. the last one was on wednesday. now the next one is bringing rain showers and even snow farther off to the north. well, that's going to develop up into a full-blown low pressure system first impacting this area going through your thursday and your overnight hours into friday morning. then it's eventually going to work its way off to the east bringing all the wet weather here on your friday. the good news is that by saturday really expect this to clear up. high pressure ridging in behind it to bring fair weather. still the sea effect is going to be impacting the hoku regions. beijing, on the other hand, the high pressure comes at a cost because it's going to be sunny skies, even the light winds, but the problem is that puts capping i version on here again with the risk of air stagnation. seoul at 3. tokyo up to 6. meanwhile to the tropics, the 30s across much of the region. actually, fair weather dominating here for the time being. we have the northeast monsoon that's just continuing to keep things
in china. the hang seng down more than half of a percent, 22,782. for the week the index has delined 2.8%. to get more insight on chinese markets i spoke earlier with a wealth management strategist in hong kong. i want to start by talking about shanghai stocks. they seem to have lost their upward momentum this week. what do you make of this trend and what your looking for in the coming weeks? >> asia has grown about 5% in just two months and without any correction. so correction is long overdue. this correction is triggered by fears for tightening from china's government. this includes property markets tightening measures and also repurchase operations which drain liquidity from the markets. but i don't think the government would launch severe tightening at this stage because that would risk the economy which has just stabilized in the fourth quarter and is still under pressure. as for asia's outlook i believe this type much aggression is nearing its end. further correction is limited to 2% or 3%. >> of course another big event we have coming up the chinese national people's congress s
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